Shwing! Music Group is a different kind of music company. We’re new, we’re young and we’re out to give true power back to the artists and writers. We’ve got the customer focus, attention-to-detail and flexibility of a small boutique outfit, with music to match every need, deadline or budget.

We work tirelessly to connect YOUR music with as MANY people as possible whether via television, movies, videogames, merchandise or the many other outlets for music in the modern world. Our team of music specialists create long-term relationships with businesses, brands and clients, to ensure that we understand the intricacies of their requirements, and that we provide them with the songs that will best allow them to achieve their goals.

None of this would be possible without our staff. From the A&R listening to music in some far-flung club to the administration team who ensures that the songwriter gets paid, Shwing! Music Group’s employees are experts in their field, and passionate about the work that they do. We recognize that every song and every business partner is different, and that comes through in the way we act and work.

Of course, experience is the best proof of our unique approach to music.  So, whether you’re a new or established songwriter who wants your songs to reach the widest possible audience, or a client looking to license the perfect song for your latest project, why not start your next project with Shwing! Music Group?